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How should the medical consumables industry develop in the future

Author:Bill     Date:2022-12-06 17:04:07    Popularity:

Break through with core competence

In fact, the competition in the medical industry has always been very fierce, but the drugs are more and more difficult to do, the profit of equipment is lower and lower, so a lot of resources have been transferred, everyone changed to consumables, coupled with the current two-ticket system, all of a sudden the consumables competition is particularly fierce.


You should realize that the era of gold sales as the king has passed, now professional, academic is particularly important, in this case, consumable enterprises break through, I think to ensure product quality, build a professional sales team, the focus is to find their own core competitiveness.


Where do you find your core competencies? People, products, services. For example, in a manufacturing enterprise, you are willing to risk your life to make the best of your products. Pure sales management enterprises, you will build a high performance team, invincible, invincible, also go; If you are producing and selling, from the perspective of industry and so on, you can provide the most perfect service to the hospital.


In short, subdivide their own people, products and services, to create their own core competitiveness.

Innovation ensures sustained growth

With the development of medical treatment, the consumables industry will definitely get better and better. Let me give an example of an operation bag. The traditional disposable surgery bag is cloth, but now there are disposable non-woven surgery bags. One grade A hospital has a scale of more than 10 million yuan a year. China's export of disposable surgical kits to Europe and the United States now amounts to 80 billion yuan. If the price is increased by 40-60%, it will reach more than 100 billion yuan.

In consumables, a traditional industry, you can continue to grow with innovative products and services

Reshuffle with compliance

The healthcare industry is reshuffling, and the stakes are high. My prediction is that the country through a series of means, eventually to exclude poor survival ability of the company, the production and business enterprise from 18 m to 6 m or so, remove the big distributors, every consumables company sales is about 50 million, if not eliminate distributors, on average every consumables sales average is $1, this may be the pattern of the future.

Under the increasingly strict supervision, if a factory and operating company are set up in accordance with the current regulations, the company will surely lose 20 million sales volume a year, and there will be some violations. So, low value consumables, all the owners of the company combined, 1 million sales per person, to make money. The profit point of the enterprise should be about 60 million yuan a year before it can break even under the premise of complying with the regulations. Specialized supplies may be a little low critical point, in 40 million a year or so.

So for consumables enterprises, to through a variety of means, such as sales, mergers and acquisitions, as soon as possible to achieve more than 60 million, in order not to be washed out in this shuffle.

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